The AT

The AT

Our thru-hike in three minutes


Day 1: Here we go!

Days 2-9: 100 Mile Wilderness

Days 10-22: Southern Maine Style

Days 23-35: Oh, New Hampshire

Days 36-54: What’s in YOUR bag? (Plus pictures from Vermont & Massachusetts)

Days 55-60: Home/zeroes

Days 61-76: What doesn’t kill you…will probably just take all your food.

Days 77-91: The Night is Darkest just before the Dawn (Pennsylvania, Maryland, & West Virginia)

Days 92-119: Virginia

Days 120-123: Tennessee

Days 124-139: North Carolina/Tennessee

Day 139: Shuttled around the trail closure (due to forest fires) – 63 miles

Days 140-143: Georgia (SPRINGER!)


We did it ((final post))